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The Design-Build Procurement Act was enacted by the Legislature in 1999, as a means to select design-builders for authorized government construction projects. The Act created the Design-Build Board to review and approve these state and local government construction projects utilizing design-build principles in construction.
In 2005, the Legislature modified the Design-Build Procurement Act, expanding the duties and responsibilities to include oversight and monitoring of approved projects.
The design-build method of construction places the design and construction components of a project with one entity. This concept provides for a single point of responsibility for quality, cost, and completion. The owner can focus on the scope and needs for the project and provide timely decision-making, rather than coordinate between designer and builder. Design and construction personnel working as a team allows more efficient and accurate evaluation of alternative materials and methods, which can lead to cost and time savings.
In reviewing proposed construction projects, the Board must ensure each project meets the criteria provided in West Virginia Code §5-22A-5, such as a shorter construction timeframe than traditional design-bid-build process, and a comprehensive funding plan.
The Design-Build Board is made up of nine members that are appointed by the Governor with advice and consent of the Senate. The members consist of two licensed contractors, one licensed architect, one licensed professional engineer, the Secretary of Administration (ex officio), one representative from labor, and three members of the public at large. The Board members serve three-year terms.
For more information regarding the Design-Build Procurement Act, please review the governing laws or contact the Department of Administration at 304-558-4331.